1983 Morgan NelsonMarek 36R Racer-Cruiser

Currently stored at Superior, Wisconsin

email the owner or call Mike at 218-310-0152
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  • IOR-style "racer-cruiser"
  • This is an exceptionally handsome boat
  • Spartan, roomy, efficient interior, 6 ft headroom.
  • Sleeps 8
  • PHRF is 93
  • Solid, strong hull
  • mast and rigging allow for control of sail shape
  • designer has been responsive to questions
  • new upwind sails 2009 and 2010; less than two seasons on them...and they are great!

This boat is NOT "tired", but it has gotten old, and will need ongoing TLC. Hence the low price.

Here's a PDF with all the details

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  • This is a fast boat… as fast as you will ever get for the money.
  • The boat is solid and strong, and can take whatever you throw at it.
  • Very narrow sheeting base and an IOR hull. You will out-point just about everybody else, and still go fast.
  • In most local fleets, you will be in A-class, and have a shot at winning.
  • Sleeps 6, in comfort, in single bunks, with room for two more small people.
  • Updated 3-battery electrical system 2010, with onboard charger
  • Good performance-oriented instrumentation (Signet)
  • It requires some skill to sail this boat fast, but with practice, it can win
  • The new upwind sails are new and very fast. The 1/2 oz, 1.5 oz, and 2 oz spinnakers are in great shape


  • This a primarily a racing boat. Cruising amenities are limited, and separate cabins are not a feature.
  • The head is functional, new, and easy to clean and work on, but has only partial privacy
  • The keel is 2 degrees off plumb, and apparently always has been.  The designer says this is not a performance issue, and does not require fixing.
  • The interior non-structural plywood had some rot when I bought it. It has been replaced with fully waterproofed voidless plywood, but it was an amateur job and looks it.
  • Universal model 25 engine is reliable and tough as nails, but will need a new head gasket soon.
  • The folding prop will need new bushings soon.
  • The 3/4 oz is still fast, but rips too easily, and should be replaced soon.


NOTE: The boat has not been used since August 2010

  • Main.... UK 2010 new condition.  Two reefs (pictured above)
  • #1.... UK 2009 excellent condition and very fast over 6 knots true.
  • #3.... UK 2009 excellent condition and a race winner over 20 knots apparent
  • Lt #1....North. Old and looks like crap, but it wins for us in 5-10 knots apparent
  • Drifter.... very old but still good, fills in any wind whatsoever
  • Storm jib.... rarely used, probably an original sail.
  • 1/2 oz spinny ... has some moderate wear, but holds a good shape.  We pass well-sailed boats who owe us time with it. Just keep your AWA around 100. (pictured above)
  • 3/4 oz spinny ... still fast in anything over 5 apparent and it can handle a reasonable amount of wind, but it has a lot of wear and really should be replaced
  • 1.5 oz spinny ... a race winner.  
  • 2 oz storm spinny ... we've had the boat over 10 knots steady with this thing.
  • also a few "delivery" sails